10 Ways Lampshades Can Transform Your Home

Updated: Apr 13

Often overlooked, the humble lampshade can be the ultimate home décor piece by bringing together design and functionality. Here we will explore the many ways they can be used to spruce up your space.


Neutral Entryway with table lamp
Photo Credit: homeedit.com

1. A Warm Welcome

Adding a table lamp with a shade in your entryway is a great way to instantly create a cosy atmosphere in your home; the soft light the shade emits gives a warm welcome to your guests.

2. Elevating Your Favourite Lamp

You buy a gorgeous new lamp, but it's not standing out the way you wanted it to with

the plain white shade that came with it. Swap it for an exciting lampshade to create a true statement piece that steals everyone's attention.

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bed with matching bedside lampshades
Photo Credit: thedecoist.com

3. 5 Star Bedroom

If you're lucky enough to have the space, matching lampshades on bedside tables will take your bedroom to hotel-level luxury.

Extra tip: the bigger the lampshade, the more opulent it looks.

4. Start Your Day Right

Staying in the bedroom - you might want to keep your walls neutral as it's the space you want to relax and empty your mind, however, turning over to a bright and happy lampshade on your bedside table is a great way to start the day.

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pink sconce light lampshade
Photo Credit: makingitlovely.com

5. Add To Your Art Collection

It can be a pain finding space for a lamp in a room. Consider a sconce fixture and your lampshade can become a piece of art on your gallery wall.

upholstered armchair reading nook small lampshade
Photo Credit: robertkime.com

6. Spotlight It

In a dark corner of your house, a small lampshade on a pendant fixture or tall floor lamp will direct the light straight down and bring attention to your favourite piece of furniture or even act as a reading light in a cosy nook.

patterned lampshade and wallpaper
Photo Credit: aliharperphotography.com

7. A Feast For the Eyes

Rooms you don't spend prolonged time in, i.e. the hallway or bathroom, are the perfect place to experiment with bolder colours and clashing prints. Bring a patterned lampshade into one of these spaces to add an exciting dimension without the worry of it giving you a headache or distracting from the TV.

8. The Ultimate Centrepiece

Pendant lights in your living room create a central point from which everything else relates. Level up with an eye-catching lampshade that sets the mood for the room.

Extra tip: Tiered pendant lights add dimension to your space and of course allow you to buy more lampshades!

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Photo Credit: food52.com

9. Bring The Look Together

Finding a lampshade that reflects colours you already have in your room can complete the space and create a sense of considered-ness and design-thinking without being matchy-matchy.

Photo Credit: chairish.com

10. Break It Up

On the other hand... if you're finding that all the colours in the room are running together and are a bit boring, adding a lampshade of a contrasting colour is the perfect way to lift the mood of a room and show a bit of flare.


Ultimately, a statement lampshade is an investment. If you find yourself one that fits all types of fixtures, you can buy knowing that you will always find a spot for it - whether you're refreshing a room or moving house entirely.

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